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12 LLC is the idea company of Jonathan Schell L.Ac.


Mr. Schell has a wide range of interests which center around such topics as the environment, medicine, health, technology, writing, art, archaeology, language study, etc. He also has a very active mind with many ideas. Operating from the philosophy that each idea has merit and should be explored in its own right, has led to the pursuit of a wide variety of study and innovation.


After years of creating different businesses to hold single ideas, Mr. Schell decided to combine all his ideas under one business structure, and thus created 12 LLC as the parent company for a number of different brands. Mr. Schell's focus is on the study of new ideas and old ideas from different perspctives which then can lead to innovative solutions to recognized problems.


In the old ways, 12 is the root number for many cultures. It prevails within how we count the months, how we count days, how we measure feet and inches, how we calculate speed, and how Asian cultures calculated the sexagenary cycle. Additionally, it is the founding number for a number of religions: the twelve apostles of Jesus, the twelve gods in Greek and Roman mythology, etc.


In numerology it is the combination of 1 and 2. The one represents creation, the "I", or the primal force. The two reresents duality, judgement, and perspective. When one and two are combined together, they create the idea of completion. Another perspective is: In many Asian philosophies it is said first there was the Dao (the Way) - or the number one. Then, two was generated from one, becoming Yin (female principle) and Yang (male principle). Together one and two then generated three, and three generated all living things.


12 LLC is located in Portland, Oregon.



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